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Sina Mueller
Visual Comunication

Großer Sandberg 13
06108 Halle (Saale), Germany

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Sina Mueller works as an independent Graphic Designer, Art Director and Illustrator based in Halle (Saale), Germany.

Always close to madness, she enjoys working with or without electricity, paper, pen, scissors, brush and animals!


She really likes to cooperate with Studio Kuskus Berlin and Studio Sandberg Halle (dunutztmichnuraus.).

Studio Kuskus Berlin is the design/storytelling loving collaboration of Markus and Sina Mueller. Studio Kuskus Berlin is director, studio and production company for animated content of all form, always on the search for exciting projects.

Studio Sandberg is a friendly Co-working bunch of sexy people which are specialized in the field of images, multimedia, web, movies, mapping, design, art, performance, interaction, serigraphy and vvvv – always with love! Who? – well, absolutely this guy (photo & stuff) and this guy (photo, movie & camera-stuff), too. You should google Max Méndez (guy from Halle, photo & stuff) as well! Oh, and check this out (special thanks to Jonas Braune, interaction & stuff)!!


Illustration, corporate design, graphic design, webdesign, interface design, concept, storyboard, character design, infographics as well as backflips and encaustic.

Some latest clients

Konfuzius-Institut Leipzig, h neun Berlin, Deutscher Bundesjugendring, BASF Germany, Moviebrats Studios Berlin, Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Business Punk Magazin, Musikexpress, Me.Style, Kolping International,  Galerie Rothamel (Leipzig), Atacama Software (Bremen), FS Media GmbH (Stuttgart), TPA – Agentur für Kommunikationsdesign (Berlin), Designpreis Halle, Etsy Germany, planworx (Munich), Rauminhalt (Halle), Kleine Madame, Stadtmarketing Halle, Six Offene Systeme (Berlin/Stuttgart), Ministry of Sound (London), Bless, Designhaus Halle, Designpreis Halle, Agentur Kappa (Halle), Hochschule Fresenius/Die Schule, Simon van Paris, Dana Meyer (Leipzig), Monkey Safari, Maler im Hemd, Psychosoziales Zentrum (Halle), Neues Theater (Halle)